We are a strategic and creative studio for innovation and design active in the public and private sector.

Our Mission

is to leverage diversity, creativity and innovation to create economic, environmental and social growth.

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Our Services

Design management

We help to bring all aspects of your visual identity, communication elements, products and services together in a clear and coherent way, so that (new) clients understand clearly your offer and your added value. We integrate design to the strategic level of your company.


Design consulting

The advisory part of the design management begins with a diagnosis of the actual situation and concludes with an action plan for implementation.

Research | Design strategy | Benchmarking | Implementation


Service design

The client’s experience is one of the most important aspect for the success of your offer. We help improve the moments the client is in contact with you (physically, mentally and emotionally) and how a lasting positive impression makes them come back and increases turnover.

Customer journey (mapping)  |  User experience  |  User fidelity

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For us this is a great example of design. 

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Co-creation and


Our guiding principles are cooperation and co-creation to meet the needs of users, making the organization successful and lead the competition. A project will never be run by us, but with us. 


Strategic advisory

We develop strategies and manage implementation that helps our clients make a better future for their business to create economic, environmental and social growth.  

Workshop facilitation, moderation

In order to arrive at the best solutions, we help to develop and moderate participative workshops. We strive for results and recommendations that are concrete and can be adequately implemented. Each workshop requires its own specific methodology.

Through our years of experience, we can provide the best possible approach.

Made to measure methodologies | Design thinking workshops  |  Team-building workshops  | Strategic “Vision & mission” workshops


Research by design

Research by design is any kind of inquiry in which design is a substantial part of the research process. Here, the (architectural) design process forms a pathway through which new insights, knowledge, practices or products come into being.

Research by design is a suitable yet necessary approach for planning the future, especially in projects concerning complex environmental challenges. Secondly, it is applied for solving problems with no eminent final solution.

Research  |  Problem definition  |  Challenging the hypothesis 
Prototyping  |  Iteration  |  Implementaton

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Project management

Or “applied consulting” brings ideas into realisation. Companies often lack time and resources to implement change. Here we can help. Our expertise and neutrality are of added value to the process.


Design teaching

Lecturing Design offers the opportunity to exchange experiences with the students and to learn creativity and innovation. We work on various current challenges without forgetting the practical and economic aspects.