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yellow ball sàrls is a young and small consulting firm that has been in business since 2019. The principal consultancy projects are based on cooperation and co-creation.

Even before COVID struck, it was clear that challenges are often too big to tackle alone. More than ever before, companies and organisations can and must join forces. Without cooperation there is no change or progress: co-creation and co-design generates positive impact.

Although we are a small agency, our strength is the cooperation with experts from different fields. Successful projects are the result of dynamic and flexible teams with great potential.  

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Jan Glas

Industrial design engineer
MSc. TU-Delft

More than 25 years of experience in management, innovation and strategy. Consultant for SMEs and teacher at the Lycée des Arts et Métiers, Luxembourg City.

Focus on management methods and strategies, collective intelligence and co-creation to improve the quality of solutions for companies, organisations and societal issues. Founder of the Luxembourg Creative Industries Cluster.

Founder and senior consultant

yellow ball sàrls

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Françoise Bisteur

Senior consultant and certified creativity trainer in collective intelligence, for 15 years in various formats: training, seminars, workshops, coaching.


In 2009, she led the European Year of Creativity and Innovation in Luxembourg in partnership with various ministries by coordinating projects related to innovation and creativity (management of brainstorming sessions, creation of competitions for innovative ideas, creativity week with 120 workshops over 9 days). She pilots support projects to put people at the heart of the process (project management, change).

She believes in daring to be creative in order to bring out the possible. 

Françoise is also the founder and owner of Innobullus, a French-based consultancy. 

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